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Distribute Your Press Release Through digital syrup on Leading News Outlets

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Immediate Submission to Major News Sites with our High-Quality Press Release Distribution..
Distribute Your Press Release Through Digital Syrup on Leading News Outlets. Our PR
Distribution Network

Direct access to a targeted audience:

 Press releases can be a way to quickly gain exposure on publishing platforms like Yahoo press releases, which already have a large following of dedicated readers. At Digital Syrup, we offer press release distribution services that help you establish your brand presence and ensure that the correct information about your history and products reaches your target market at the right time.

Advantages of SEO:

They can help people discover your website through search engines and even get published on news websites, generating backlinks for your site. Additionally, our white-label press release distribution includes connections from blogs and websites, making it a smart strategy to generate interest in your organization or business.

Power of social media:

If you’re looking for assistance in spreading the word about your products and services, Digital Syrup is here to help. We streamline the process of writing press releases by offering writing services and providing white-label press release distribution packages tailored to any company’s unique needs.
Indeed, one notable aspect of Digital Syrup is its dedication to providing exceptional customer service. This ensures that clients receive support and guidance throughout their engagement.
Regarding media, Digital Syrup stands out as a press release distribution company that actively shares your story across various platforms. Going viral on media can result in coverage sometimes surpassing the reach of magazines or newspapers. With our Yahoo press release distribution package, your press release will be shared on platforms like Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Yahoo Money, and Yahoo Lifestyle. Moreover, it will also be featured on outlets such as Bloomberg, MarketWatch, Benzinga, Street Insider, Canadian Insider, Digital Journal, and over 500 news platforms.


Affordability is a factor for business entrepreneurs regarding marketing and promotion costs. Press releases offer an advantage in this regard as they are highly effective yet inexpensive compared to forms of traditional sponsored advertising.
In addition to cost-effectiveness, white-label press release distribution can increase sales prospects for your business while providing exposure for your brand. This is remarkably achievable if your product and brand are strategically positioned within a niche. Your target audience will be interested in content that aligns with their interests.
Digital Syrup assists its clients, helping them fulfill their objectives of achieving success by capitalizing on lucrative sales prospects and attaining their desired growth milestones.

Increased sales prospects

White label Press releases distribution can assist your business to create revenue in addition to helping your brand acquire exposure at a low cost. It is possible if your product and brand are appropriately positioned in a niche that corresponds with the audience’s interests. King Newswire wisely assists its renowned clients in meeting their success criteria, empowering them to capture profitable sales opportunities and achieve their aimed growth targets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Various reasons make public relations necessary, including building trust and developing effective strategies to manage multiple brands, ultimately leading to creating a customer press release. This type of press release validates the authenticity of your product claims and attracts media attention quickly. Many brands need help engaging customers willing to participate in a press release, but Digital Syrup addresses this concern. We work closely with customers to craft a customer press release that best aligns with your brand’s objectives.

You can send us a press release that you want to publish to several media outlets, and we will handle the rest for you.

Each release can contain up to five images. Depending on the plan you selected, you can also add more images.

We do provide press release writing services. Your dashboard allows you to place orders directly.

Our editorial team reviews every release within 24 hours to facilitate processing. Planning and submitting your press release in advance is prudent to ensure timely distribution. Within 24 to 72 hours of approval, distribution will commence, and a distribution report will be available.

You can issue press releases on behalf of your clients with our Agency plan. We’ve put together this page so you can learn more about our Agency strategy.

You can purchase our press releases in bulk. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in wholesale orders.

It’s permanently indexed, so it’s always available.

Log into your dashboard to track the progress of your press release.

If you’d like to see what kinds of articles we anticipate publishing, please review our Tutorials section.

It depends on the topic’s popularity and how valuable and relevant the press release is. If there were a rapid flu outbreak and your news release included advice on avoiding becoming sick, many people would look for it. With so many variables, predicting a specific traffic volume for every Press Release is impossible.

After logging in, click “Manage Press Release” and fill in the Title, Body, and Images as needed. Click “Submit” when you’re satisfied with the preview.

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